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Jiashan ZHENGTONG Self-lubricating Composite Bearing Factory

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Jiashan ZHENGTONG Self-lubricating Composite Bearing Factory

6088.comJiashan ZHENGTONG Self-lubricating Composite Bearing Factory is a professional manufacturer of more than 30 series of products, including ZTOM10 self-lubricating bearings (DU), ZTOM20 boundary lubricating bearings (DX), ZTOM30 Bi-metal bearings, ZTOM50 solid embedded lubricating bearings, ZTOM40 enhanced PTFE soft belts, ZTOM90 bronze bearings etc. The products are widely used in the machinery industries in China and the world, e.g. light industry, heavy industry, machine industry, construction machinery, aviation, irrigation machinery, metallurgic and mining machinery, electrical machinery, pharmaceutical machinery, food machinery, agricultural machinery, textile machinery, hydraulic machinery, automobile industry, printing and packaging machinery, and cold rolling industry.

Our products are sold not only all over China, but also in the US, Germany, Japan, Italy, Korea and Southeast Asia, etc. Our products have passed the Certifications of ISO9001:2008 and ISO/TS16949:2009 Quality Management System.

We always adhere to the tenet of “Quality First, Service First, Clients First”, and will research and develop bearings for various uses, so as to further meet users’ requirements and continue to serve our international customers and friends wholeheartedly.