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ZTOM20 shaft sleeve is generally recommended for the runtime environment and boundary lubrication, especially collar inner hole of the oil hole design, very good use in continuous or refueling, but under the condition of no lubrication, ZTOM20 collar depending on work load, surface speed, the interaction of specific environmental temperature, etc. At the same time, the inner surface of shaft sleeve can leave allowance before processing molding, plastic layer at the hole can be processed after loading to better assembly size.


The application of specific
The following is about ZTOM20 bearing part of the specific application


The car industry 
Suspension system, suspension joints, king pin, main parts, car drivers hinge joint, steering and connecting rod mechanism, steering joint and joint, the back ground hinge, etc.


Agricultural machinery
Gearbox, clutch, harvester king pin bearing, front axle pivot bearing, steering roller bearing box, tractor accessories in lifting gear, plant equipment, etc.


Machine tool manufacturing industry
Grinding machine, milling machine, drilling machine spindle, the eccentricity of the precision grinding machine drive unit, etc



Other applications 
Support bearings, hydraulic pump, oil pump, the rotating variable inclined plate of trunnion bearing, hydraulic cylinder and pneumatic cylinder piston rod guide, forklift truck gearbox, crane car transmission and transmission chain sprocket, conveyor and worm gear, etc

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