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ZTOM10 bearing part of the specific application_金沙


The car industry

Typical applications include in this industry:


Throttle, brake and clutch pedal, mirror adjustment mechanism, wipers, Windows hoisting mechanism, skylight organization, joystick, door hinge door locks, safety belt zhang jing organization, seat adjustment mechanism, shock absorber, engine, suspension, carburetor, suitcase, hood hinge, with tie rod and the ball head, throttle valve, steering column, steering gear, spring steel, etc.


Agricultural machinery and food machinery

Tractors, combine harvesters, (hay, straw) packing machine; Baling machine, meat processing machinery, potato harvester, spray machine, grain drier, plant (kind of) plant equipment, brewing equipment, etc.


Industrial machinery, transportation machinery

Excavators, hydraulic elevator, concrete mixer, fork lifting handling machine, hydraulic cylinder, transmission belt tensioning device, crane, mortar, pallet fork, pneumatic hoist crane, bulldozer, escalators, pedestrians, heavy hang machine, liquid infusion equipment, lateral loading and unloading machine, etc.


Household electrical appliances, commercial electrical appliances, hospital equipment

Air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, sewing machines, washing machines, refrigerators, photocopiers, printers, scanners, mail processing system, mail classification equipment, dental equipment, X-ray equipment, operating table, etc.


Hydraulic industry

Gear pump, water pumps, piston pumps, ball valve, butterfly valve, mixing valve, control valve, reciprocating air compressor, hydraulic brake, centrifugal compressor, the hydraulic oil cylinder, etc.


Other applications 

Bicycle, motorcycle, tools, yarn steaming machine, reciprocating saws, shearing machine, textile machine, weaving machine, button machine, packaging systems, binding machinery and equipment, glass equipment, etc.

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