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In the selection of bearing_金沙


(1)load P[N/mm²]Load

The load, the greater the shorter service life of the bearing. The load fluctuation, the greater the effect on the bearing life is, the greater the bearing life is short; In any case, the maximum load shall not exceed the maximum permissible load value of the theory. Load size is equal to the actual work load divided by the bearing of the projection area, formula forP=F/(D﹡B).


(2)Velocity V[m/s]﹠ PV value
Velocity V ﹠PV Value The working life of the bearing depends on the size of the PV value, namely the actual load P[N/mm²]And the sliding velocity V[m/s]product, the smaller the PV value, the longer the bearing life.


(3)Temperature T[ºC]
Bearing's life also depends on the temperature of the bearing when using, so in the design of heat dissipation characteristics selection should be considered when the related parts.


(4)The surface roughness of grinding parts
bearing parts contact surface roughness of grinding should be between Ra0.2 ~ Ra0.8, bearing in the process of assembling and use shall have no sharp medium damage the bearing surface of the work.


(5)On the surface of the grinding parts material, surface roughness of grinding parts is a factor affecting the service life of the shaft sleeve, normally a surface to reach≤0.4 µ m Ka.


(6)Other factors, such as the design of the bearing, lubrication condition and so on.

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